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We Are Affluence

Two Business Owners Exchanging Ideas

We help you take care of your taxes and business needs and believe that each daily action can make an impact.

We are located at Encino, California striving to create a friendly and professional environment for our clients. We are devoted to create a space where professional relationships and ideas take form and grow into lifelong partnerships. You can be confident that we will become your most dependable friends. Not only we initiate, we are diligent, responsive and updated to all the changes happening in the financial world.


We can help you with tax and business matters such as tax preparation, incorporation or LLC formation, compliance and much, much more. As we become participants in your tax preparation and business, we are here to exchange ideas and to keep you educated. We are here to keep the numbers in check, so you can focus on growing your business.


Your financial success is our goal.

Our Goal
is your
Financial Success

Shaking Hands

We are committed to keep you tax compliant and financially successful

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